Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Flip that Lecture

Yeay, Karl Fisch! You go where few have gone before. Karl says STOP LECTURING YOUR STUDENTS and let them learn. Flip the Lecture notion: let your students watch lecture videos at home before the class.

In class: help them, work with them, engage them. Here's the whole story, as told by Daniel Pink (you know, A Whole New Mind, Drive...).

Now, of course I loved the story because I am a strong advocate for killing the lecture. It's not how most of us learn, despite how much teachers love to do it. When a rare teacher embraces the anti-lecture with videos (especially if the videos are then done in short, topical bites like the beloved Sal Khan - yes, beloved by me and many learning designers and funding agencies), then we have a thing of beauty.

The real fun, and added extra in the story, includes the fact that Pink isn't a learning designer, he's a societal scanner so his approach is Flip Thinking everywhere. Yeay to that too. Go Dan!