Saturday, May 4, 2013

Shout Out to UW Bothell!

Our colleagues at the campus up north are rocking the higher education world these days. UWB Learning Technologies made the coveted EdTech Magazine's 2013 Dean's List: 50 Must-Read Higher Education Technology Blogs

Each year, EdTech combs the HE blogosphere watching IT professionals grapple with the rapid change and challenges we all face. Each year, they choose 50 - just 50 - of the 1,000s of online IT publications as must-read pubs. With such diversity in topic and approach, it's hard to imagine how EdTech does it, but the criteria is clearly facing change and challenge head on. 

We're delighted Learning Technologies at UW Bothell are getting national recognition for the work they're doing, and even more delighted that the folks up north walk the talk of mission. Andreas Brockhaus, Director of Learning Technologies at UWB, tells us the staff turn much of the selecting, crafting, and writing their blog to student workers. Solving the "sticky" problems of creating meaning out of the mess o' technology is rightly left, with a bit of guidance, to the generation for whom learning with technology will be a life-long activity and pursuit. 

So, a shout-out to the students that created a "must read" publication in the eyes of the EdTech community. I''ve been following your blog since I arrived at UWT, and now the entire HE eLearning community will know why.