Wednesday, December 18, 2013

From now on our troubles will be out of sight

Or even better, exposed to the world in the brightest light?

I love Pinterest! Another tech example of some tiny webby idea that didn't have a "purpose" except the obvious: let people pin up web images - linked quickly and easily with simple search tagging. It's an online, social pin-up board. How simple and silly is that?

And then, something more than the sum of the parts emerged. Themes became gorgeous reflections of how we see the world (Sunset...), collections became shared commentaries on life (Is there anything more disconcerting and funny than #Nailed It?) and we began to collectively re-imagine the instantly meaningfully visual in a visual age. 

So I start with that odd wander through thoughts on Pinterest as a way to say "Happy Holiday Season" without having to say anything. Let's see it. Wander in and just let the collective vote your visually-aware self to recognition of the season's look and feel and meaning - the way we did with the 647 Repins and 100+ Likes of this link to Central Park in the snow. The Pinterest community hopes yours is as merry and bright as the way we imagine it should/could be. 

But I can't stop there. This is not my wish for you. I wish you quiet time away from the chaos of the roads and stores and expectations, and if you're one of my ID peeps,  I send you to this lovely Pinterest collection started by Tracy Parish on Instructional Design/eLearning Books. She asked the ID community to pin their fave books, and maybe even tell why. They did, and they did a great job. Some of my faves are there at the vote-getting top of the heap, and others are now on my list. 

Let us rest, let us read, and let us renew so that we can charge into 2014 with our troubles in or out of sight. Your choice. Feel free to pin it.