Saturday, October 18, 2008

Why we need a change in Washington

Recession. Health care. Women's rights to their body and their privacy. America's decreasing reputation, influence and place in the world. Our education system. The environment. Belief in the need for alternative energy sources. Thoughtful policies on changing the economic tailspin. Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death EstimatorWe've all heard it, and we understand the very difficult choices ahead for the issues of our nation.
But the media is increasingly quiet about another nation many miles away. The death count continues to rise, the medical injuries are astronomic, and still John McCain claims our right to occupy Iraq for another hundred years.

Lest we forget, because the numbers and the caskets and carnage are being kept from us by an 'embedded' media:
American dead: +4,000
American wounded/damaged/maimed forever: +30,000

* data from as of Oct 2008

Our domestic problems are in the forefront of election news and ideas, but it would be a heartless cruelty not to remember, and track, and understand what we've done in Iraq and to Iraq. May God forgive us. May the citizens of Iraq forgive us, including the 50,000+ marching in the streets of Baghdad yesterday, demanding we leave now. May the world forgive us. And even if they don't, may we begin to take action to leave the oil and the grief and the occupation behind so that we can begin to forgive ourselves.
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