Monday, September 10, 2012

Future so bright, we gotta wear shades

Beginning of a new semester, pressed pressed pressed for time and little time for reflection, but at the end of the day what's a girl to do but troll Twitter (@carmean) for what my peeps are thinking and reading. A link that's showing up on lots of posts today is "10 Emerging Education and Instructional Technologies that all Educators Should Know About (2012)". 

Why? It's right on. Great choices, stepping out on the edge of what a lot of us are thinking about regarding game-changers in thoughtful incorporation of tools and practices that improve learning. 

  • Flipped Classroom (STOP lecturing!)
  • Tablet devices (Apps: Micro-chunked content; applied cognitive research)
  • Smart phones (Mobile means learning everywhere)
  • Gamification (Who doesn't love a low-risk challenge?)
  • MOOCs (No duh?)
  • BYOD (Bring your own device; Leverage the ROI of learner-ownership)
  • Student Response Systems (Ask them what they know.)
  • Cloud services (Bigger, better, cheaper, more stable than DIY servers)
  • OER (What makes more sense than collective knowledge, free and shared?)
  • Learning analytics (If you read my work, you know I think they saved the best for last. The machine knows. Let it help us assess our learners. Let it enhance persistence thru data.)
Read the article. Wear shades. 
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