Friday, October 5, 2012

A Research Moment

We're learning more each day about how the world is changing, how HE is changing (or not) and how technology, the Internet, a digital and information age is demanding more of us. For those of you who are passionately following your own profession, and don't have time to track digital world news, here's a few fascinating tidbits from my domain:

The EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research (ECAR)  Report on Students and Information Technology, 2012 had some interesting findings regarding national move toward student wish and demand for more meaningful technology infused throughout the curriculum:
  • Blended-learning environments are the norm; students say that these environments best support how they learn.
  • Students want to access academic progress information and course material via their mobile devices, and institutions deliver.
  • Technology training and skill development for students is more important than new, more, or "better" technology.
  • Students use social networks for interacting with friends more than for academic communication.
Less hopeful was the report by the Seattle Times and the National Center for Education Statistics on state rankings in going to college and staying there. Washington State seems to lack the  effort and will to see students to completion in higher education. Turns out that educated people MOVE to Washingion (thank you high tech industry), but we make very little effort to educate our own people for the very careers they could stay in Washington to succeed in. Lots of reasons. Read the report and weep. Then, let's get #FiredUp and do something about it. 
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