Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Think less, be more

Odd post title from me, known for dismissively claiming that "the mind should transcend the body" as I make my way through the plastic noses, breasts, lips and even (yes, it's true) buttocks now, here in the kingdom of surgical vanity procedures. The Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tempe triangle is an odd place for a natural, food-loving soul like myself to land, but I stay aligned to sanity by holding tight to the values of university life.

cognition uber alas!

And here, this becomes the coin of the realm and the smarty-pants are the vanity crowd. But everywhere, everywhere everywhere it's becoming not how well we think but how busy we stay in managing the task of thinking itself. Thinking as demonstrated in emails, v-mails, text, calendar meetings, and rushing from place to place.

Not good. Turns out, not even smart. (Gasp)

Read the BBC News Magazine article "No time to think?" and rethink your silly, busy, exhausting ways.
Loved the idea. So here, now, at 9:15pm local time, I'll yank myself away from the laptop and pay a bit of attention to the physical life around me.

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