Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I so love the bling of bright, shiny e-objects

Everyone has an addiction, attraction, can't-do-without object. Chocolate, TV, sailing, cheeseburgers, new movies, old books. Pick your poison, name the habit that compels you. I'll go first and confess that mine is software, especially new ones in the social media variety. It is such an exciting time to be curious about the capabilities and mind-boggling affordances of new applications of the Web and more specifically, Web 2.0 tools. 

If you haven't surfed out much deeper than FaceBook, you're missing the wave.  My favorite wonder tools include screen capture with Jing  and I can't live without Google Scholar (help, I've fallen here in academic, peer reviewed resources and I can't get up!). Indeed, I am attracted like moth to a flame to most things Google. While I'm on the topic  a few horrid  Googly exceptions include the failed ASU-backed virtual world Lively (was not!) and the anti-Wikipedia pothole called Knol (I won't even link to it. Don't go there. Go to Wikipedia, and make what we collectively know better, more, stronger.)

Yes, I love bright shiny objects of the Web. I could list 100 that collectively keep me up burning midnight electricity, but why list mine when Jane Hart does such a great job of listing, describing, and more importantly ranking based on the votes of people just like me. Well, not exactly like me. Jane's crowd is much more diverse so Google Scholar comes in at #42 this last year. Take a look at the list, and if you're not familiar with anything in the top 50, you're missing out on learning, finding, sharing, organizing, and shaping knowledge. Start exploring and I promise, you'll soon find the tool that's just the right fit for a need you've had forever. Plus, it will keep you away from the chocolate, TV and other distractions on your list.

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