Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tinkering, Teaching, Mentoring

Those who know me can easily trace my understanding of learning and meaningful knowledge creation to the works of John Seely Brown. Knowing as being, knowing as doing, and learning as the act of becoming expert in that space where your interest and passion resides.

JSB taught me, from a distance and after a lifetime of my own face-forward education, about the social and public nature of learning and about the value of creativity, innovation and criticism/critique in learning from others and with others. I won't even start on his influence on my dissertation related to shared and distributed knowledge. We stand on the shoulders of giants. What I love most about JSB is that he's one of the USA's most innovative technology creators (previously Chief Scientist of Xerox Corporation and the director of its Palo Alto Research Center), and his focus is never about the technology. My kind of expert! Here's his latest exploration. An interesting thought piece on the value of tinkering and the public and community approach to learning and doing and being and becoming for the next generation of knowledge leaders. If you haven't heard JSB before, you're in for a treat.
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